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  • I hired five beta readers. Their assessments were so professional and useful that I actioned most of their challenges and suggestions then sent my manuscript back for a second run (deliberately choosing three of the same readers and two new ones). Prior to this I have sent my manuscript to many competitions, publishers and agents and have never had the level of useful response to what I had through betareaders.com.au. I know it's made a huge difference.
    Jackie Randall /
  • I have just received my first ever beta reader review as a debut author. In a daunting world of firsts I found the experience to be completely motivating. Robyn was thorough and insightful, picking up on things I was in fact unsure about whilst opening my eyes to areas that were clouded the hundreds of read-throughs I have done. Initially I was nervous to read the review but it was presented professionally and gently. She balanced constructive advice with loads of positive feedback. It has left me with the feeling that she really read through every detail, understanding what I am trying to achieve and really has given me a very clear path to follow. I am left feeling anxious to get back to the keyboard. Thanks so very much.
    Jeynelle Vidotto /
  • Absolutely amazing service from Robyn and her team! I gave Robyn a look through the first chapter of my progressing novel and the feedback she gave was honest and constructive!
    Petey Gassner /
  • Brilliant service. I got five betareader reports on my first novel Adam. They were exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for, a nice mix of confidence boost and specific criticism. I highly recommend the service to any authors looking for objective feedback on their work.
    James Bushill /