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How many beta readers should I get?

Considering that each beta reader will have their own views and opinions on your manuscript and that the whole point of engaging beta readers is for a ‘trial run’ at the reading community, it is recommended that between 3-5 beta readers be utilised. That way, you will receive a wide and diverse set of recommendations.

We are however, able to satisfy any number of beta readers you require. Contact our helpful team to arrange as many beta readers as you would like.

Can I chose which beta readers are sent my manuscript?

Absolutely! You can select your beta readers yourself, or let our team of trained professionals select the best group for you.

Check out the biographies of our readers (not all our readers are listed on the website) and choose who you feel comfortable with and who you think would be best suited to your manuscript. Simply add your selected beta readers to the comments section of you submission form.

Most clients prefer to select one or two beta readers themselves and let our team choose the extras for some added diversity. This tends to work very well.

Please be aware that a beta reader that you select may not always be available. In that instance, our team will contact you to discuss other options.

How do I choose the best beta reader for my manuscript?

There are several things to consider when choosing a beta reader.
1.  Choose someone who will ideally fit into your target market. 
This is after all, a test run for the reading community. Therefore if you are writing a children’s book, there is little to gain from the opinion of a 70 year old single person who only reads war stories.
If you haven’t already carefully considered who your ideal demographic is, then now is the ideal time. Having this information at your fingertips will be useful when you are ready to approach publishers/agents etc.
2.  Choose someone who enjoys reading your genre
Having a beta reader who is already comfortable and knowledgeable about your genre will take some of the guess-work out of it for you. They will know instinctually whether your style of manuscript suits the genre, will know many of the nuances that are unique to your genre and can point out of sections of your storyline is too similar to other novels already published.
3.  Choose someone who is either qualified or able to proofread or edit. 
While this is not essential, it is beneficial to have the most experienced and qualified person possible looking over your manuscript. A published author for example, will know what publishers are looking for in a manuscript and also faux pas.  A qualified editor will be able to point out issues with sentence compilation that even the most avid reader might not pick up. For example, a beta reader might tell you that a sentence feels awkward to read, whereas the editor could tell you how to fix it.
It is essential to point out here that the role of the beta reading is not to provide you with comprehensive editing, or proofreading although beta readers include recurring issues and examples of these errors in their reports. Proofreading can be arranged for you if you desire for an additional fee and we are currently working on collaborating with a group of editors so that we can refer your manuscript on for editing after your betareading critique.  Watch this space for this exciting new addition to our services.
Please see below for what is and what is not included in the beta reading service.
4.  Consider choosing an additional reader in your group of beta readers who does not routinely read your genre. 
While it seems as though this contradicts point 2, we have found that having one beta reader in your group that does not read your particular genre will often give some of the most insightful and thought-provoking feedback for you. This is because they will not be thinking within the confines of your genre.
In summary, take your time in selecting your Betareaders. This is such an important step in preparing your manuscript for self-publishing or submission to a publisher/agent therefore, ensuring the match between readers and a novel is vital. Have most readers fit into your desired demographics but consider having one or two that sit a little outside the mould. You never know what gems they’ll discover hidden within your lines of text.

How do I submit my manuscript?

Email your manuscript to betareaders@hotmail.com in either a Word.doc or PDF and instructions on how many betareaders you would like to evaluate your manuscript.  You will then be issued an invoice depending on the length of your manuscript to compensate our readers for their time.
What are the payment options?

Your invoice will display a few payment options including EFT and PayPal.  If you would like to use a different payment method, please contact our helpful staff.
All payments are to be in Australian Dollars please.


After submitting my manuscript and payment, what happens next?

Once our team have received your manuscript, we will forward it directly to the beta readers along with any special directions you may have included. Depending on the length of your manuscript, your responses will be emailed to you after 3-5 working days.